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Fresh old cloths distribution Nov-2019

            Fresh old cloths distribution In winter season of 2019, we found lots of people haven't extra cloth for wear. So we decided to collect fresh old cloths from locality. We get wonderful response from people. after getting lots of cloths, wash and iron all of these. After that we distribute the cloths   each and every one who need this.

Durga Puja Hopping With Oldhome Mothers Oct-2019

Durga Puja Hopping With Oldhome Mothers Oct-2019 This is beautiful experience with hopping old home mothers. They are old but energetic. We visited all the Puja mondop of Serampore Oct-2019.

Eye Camp Apr-2019

Eye Camp Apr-2019 Free Eye checkup camp we arranged on 07/04/2019. Also we provide free glasses at Serampore.

Drawing Competition May-2017

Drawing Competition May-2017 Drawing Competition held in 15.05.2017 with all little champs. They are very jolly and energetic. Re-Thinking always with them. And we pray for them for their bright future.

Orphanage Monastery Aug-2017

Orphanage Monastery Aug-2017 There is an Orphanage monastery in Serampore. This project held on 05/08/2017. We gave those little innocent child, Books and much more stationery also we donate this monastery for one month ration.

Ratha Yatra camp in Serampore Jul-2019

      Ratha Yatra camp in Serampore Jul-2019 In 2019 Ratha Yatra Serampore Mahesh, we arrange tiffin(ghugni). All visitors are very happy after take this.